16-Hour Foundational Security Guard Skills

Language: English

Instructors: Stephen Norgard and Jeff Dean

Validity Period: 60 days


Why this course?


This introductory course explores four subject areas that will prepare you for the challenges you will face as a security guard. This is the required 16-hour course needed for a security guard license in Denver, Colorado. For new security guards only. If you are renewing your license, please take the 8-hour course.

This course has two sections. The first section is the course material you will be learning. The second section is the quiz to pass the course. You will have immediate access to section one. Section two will open 24-hours after course purchase. This is to make sure you fullfill the 16-hour course requirement. After the 24 hours has passed, you will be able to access the section 2 quiz and obtain your certificate.

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